Thursday, July 23, 2009


This pic was taken when we were playing at the playground. Sean is definitely one pro photogragpher.
KLCC. Ain't this pic romantic? LoLx
Izham's french fries.
Hua Yen. Botox Vampire? lOLXX
Us in black.
random pic
random group pic.
I know this pic is taken by Sandy but i'm sorry Sandy, Sean's better. LoLx
I love this one, though everyone looks weird. LoLx
In front of KLCC. G2 hooh. Ouch, I forgot Phoebe.
Me and Daniel's butts. Aren't we look sexy and tempting with the butts ? XDXD
Me and Ing Ching. Thank you Sean.
Me jumping. LoLx
I like this one. ;)

Well basically this KL outing was like two weeks ago.
It was fun and yeah, still fun. XD
We went to KLCC as well as Petaling Street and hell, I felt suffocated when we were at Petaling Street. U have no idea how crowded Petaling Street was at the night time!

G2 hooh!



Saturday, July 11, 2009


Oh yeah, i'm real pissed right now.
My asshole bro fucking lost my badminton racket,
right before the day i have a badminton competition.
Retarded asshole bro.