Monday, April 27, 2009

The Fast & Furious 4

I watched The Fast & Furious 4 yesterday.
This movie reminds me of the song below:

I always love the Fast & Furious series.
Feel like driving like them!!


Saturday, April 18, 2009

This blog is dedicated to bb

Happy birthday bob beruang!
U r officially 19!
Thank u for being one of the bestest fren on earth!
Thank u for always being the driver.
Thank u for helping me always ( u know what >.<) Thank u for everything. I mean it. It's an honor to know u and knowing u have been one of the luckiest thing in my life! Happy Birthday Beruang! U deserved everything from us, Thanks Max for the suggestion that showing up at ur house at 12am! I know u were totally surprised by us! Hope u like the prezzie. It costs a fortune and take care of it with ur life! Use it wisely :)

Family always :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Ok, i just finished Titanic, for the 2nd time.
The first was like 12 years ago.
It just all of a sudden i felt like watching this movie again when i was listening to the soundtrack.
(Well basically i have this problem, i like listening to soundtracks and when i finished the soundtrack i will watch the movie again to see which track appears at which scene.)
About the movie, actually it's ok, i won't say it's one of the best movies i've ever watched but it's still one of my worth-to-watch movies.
Some arrogant asses (sorry for my language XD) actually caused the sinking of this unsinkable Titanic.
People, especially the lower class, struggling to survive from the sinking.
It's about LOVE. I mean, it's not just about Jack and Rose,
but parents and their offspring too.
The ending was good. Like the ending.
Btw, Leonardo DiCarpio was smokin' hot!
So did Kate Winslet.
Both of them looked so young in this movie.
The last movie i watched from Leonardo was The Body of Lies, and hell,
he wasn't that hot anymore,
and for Kate Winslet's The Reader,
it totally ruined my image towards her as she was naked in that movie
(unlike Titanic, half naked , she's naked in The Reader).
That's not the point, hell man, she looks more like my grandmother.
Alright, back to the album.
Honestly, this piece of soundtrack is not as good as the Pearl Harbor's.
(FYI, Pearl Harbor is my favourite soundtrack)
Except for the fact that Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On is better than Faith Hill's There You'll Be.
I can't feel the excitement when the music was played at several scenes.
Kind of disappointed with the soundtrack.

My top 3 favourite soundtracks:
Pearl Harbor composed by Hans Zimmer
Pride & Prejudice by Dario Marianelli
Pirates of the Caribbean composed by Hans Zimmer


I shouldn't have played badminton for hours.
6.30pm to almost 10pm.

Great. The whole body of mine is in serious ache now...

i'm screaming out loud: OUCH!!

Shu Jun rocks!!! hahahahaha
I mean it, u rock!~

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Supposed-to-be Kellyn's farewell.

hmm, poor Shu Jun, but I think she enjoys being molested XDXDXDXD

Me and Kellyn nearly break the record!!!!

Vino and Sean playing Time Crisis!!!


Girls. Yes. I mean Girls. oops, where's Kellyn??

I love this one :) Thanks Sean.


Very artistic photo from Sean.
Since this is artistic, well, i was just behind the soup XD

Well, basically we had a supposed-to-be Kellyn's farewell last friday.
She decided to leave for Olympia as they offered her a scholarship.
So I went home after college and went back to Subang again for the farewell.
I was a lil early, and I ended up at Daniel's house waiting for the others.
It was so much fun, we talked so loudly as if we OWNED the Windmill. XD
I enjoyed myself so much, well, yeah, except for the part that the dinner we had were kind of expensive.
But Who cares? Once in a blue moon, right?
So after the dinner, we went to the summit.
Have fun there :)
Ok then after Sean fetched us back to Daniel's house at 11pm something
I drove as fast i could to reach my house.
Promised my parents to be at home after dinner coz needed to go to KL the other day early in the morning.
but i broke the promise XD

The outing with G2 is always fun :)

Oh yeah, on saturday early in the morning, when i was just about to sleep,
Kellyn's texted us and told us she's staying :)
She loves me. XD