Friday, March 27, 2009


As i mentioned in my previous entry,
I went to Phuket for a vacation last week. Man, time's flying, can u imagine, it's already been a week?
Since I had college on that day and had a Physics paper to be taken on last friday,
my family left for Phuket early in the morning while i took a red eye.
(I just wonder why ppl looked at me in a weirdo-look when i told them i flied there alone)
Basically that day after college, i was rushing my Bio outline which was due monday and i din have much time to pack my thing, since i still spent some of the time watching Criminal Minds :)
Ok then, my elder brother and his galfren sent me to the airport
(Oh ya, my elder brother was not allowed to go since he got some study to do)
Guess what, the flight delayed!!!!
That's the reason y i hate AirAsia. AirAsia would nvr ever be my first choice.
Ok basically not just about the delay, i think that the stewardess were kind of rude though.
Pls lah, train all ur stewardess before they are allowed to serve on board.
Their attitde kind of pissing me off. Especially on the flight back to m'sia.

95% passengers on board to Phuket were Ah Mo.
Most of them just taking a transit from KL to Phuket. I dun think they actually visited m'sia.
I sat beside to a Swedish and she told me she was going to spend a month in Thailand!!
Sarcastically, spent only a day in m'sia for transit.
She told me that she already been to Laos, Myanmar and somewhere else in SEA and their last destination is Thailand. How pathetic m'sia tourism is.
She's nice though, helped me with the light and we did talk a lot :)

Oh well, then, it was quite late when the flight touched down.
My parents picked me up at the airport while my bro and sis had been off to an elephant show with my relatives.
I like the hotel there and even the drivers in Phuket, to be perfectly honest, are much much much much much much much more better than M'sia's.
Oh, when i was checking in to the hotel, there's an Ah Mo, i think he's a French and he was drunk, ran to show my room when he knew that my room was just somewhere around his.
Funny and cute.
My folks and I actually went out to have a walk coz i hadn't taken my dinner.
And i couldn't believe that i was actually walking along the street of an Asia country because everyone i saw out there was Ah Mo!!!
I guess me and my parents were the only three Asians that night.

For the 2nd day, we went to Bhi Bhi Island.
Oh my god, there's actually a lot of hot guys there!!!
We played canoe there and i kind of enjoying the peace at there.
Oh ya, there's a super hot guy, he tot i was a local when i was sitting under a shelter,
he asked me the way to the hospital. He was so funny when he knew that we were tourists.
When he came back around, we were smiling to each other!! Oh my god, he's so hot!!

I din spend a lot of time by the beach. I really like to hang around at the pub there.
Having rum vodka and beer at the pub and a football match.
Man, that's what we called Life.

On the last day, before we left for KL, oh my god, we were actually the only Asians in the custom. There's a boeing 747 would be taking off from Phuket to Helsinki.
The airport is 10 times more crowded than KLIA. We actually spent 2 hours waiting for the custom.
U know what's making it more pathetic?
Every check-in counter was fulled with people, to Bangkok, to Helsinki or wherever it was,
but when it came to the check-in counter to KL,
no one.
What the hell, is KL that bad?
I feel pathetic for Malaysia, coz what we have been told in class or via the mass media,
m'sia is a perfect choice for tourists, attracted a lot of tourists, is a country much more better than the other SEA countries, and now i know, it's all bullshit.
If I were a Thai, i would most probably proud of my country's tourism.
That's y Thailand always one of my favourite travelling spot :)

LiJi Ng

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  1. haha~true true~i never been to thailand~
    seems fun huh???