Sunday, April 5, 2009

Supposed-to-be Kellyn's farewell.

hmm, poor Shu Jun, but I think she enjoys being molested XDXDXDXD

Me and Kellyn nearly break the record!!!!

Vino and Sean playing Time Crisis!!!


Girls. Yes. I mean Girls. oops, where's Kellyn??

I love this one :) Thanks Sean.


Very artistic photo from Sean.
Since this is artistic, well, i was just behind the soup XD

Well, basically we had a supposed-to-be Kellyn's farewell last friday.
She decided to leave for Olympia as they offered her a scholarship.
So I went home after college and went back to Subang again for the farewell.
I was a lil early, and I ended up at Daniel's house waiting for the others.
It was so much fun, we talked so loudly as if we OWNED the Windmill. XD
I enjoyed myself so much, well, yeah, except for the part that the dinner we had were kind of expensive.
But Who cares? Once in a blue moon, right?
So after the dinner, we went to the summit.
Have fun there :)
Ok then after Sean fetched us back to Daniel's house at 11pm something
I drove as fast i could to reach my house.
Promised my parents to be at home after dinner coz needed to go to KL the other day early in the morning.
but i broke the promise XD

The outing with G2 is always fun :)

Oh yeah, on saturday early in the morning, when i was just about to sleep,
Kellyn's texted us and told us she's staying :)
She loves me. XD

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