Thursday, January 7, 2010


AirAsia sucks.
Last December when I was on board flying back from Bangkok, the 4 stewardesses pissed me off.
Here's what happened.
I was on the first row, there was only me as extra charges was needed if u were on the first row.
It's so called the 'Hot Seat.
I had to face the stewardesses along and guess what???? They were talking so loudly that I had to stare at them with this ferocious look constantly!
They finally realized that I was staring at them and well, they sorta like disliked me a little and then, i think they took out the passengers' list to check what my name was.
I was so pissed that I eventually tucked in my IPod and opened as loudly as it could.
Honestly, AirAsia's slogan ' Now everyone can fly' should change to 'Now everyone can fl-uck'
They seriously know how to piss me off.

Guess that's my update. XD


  1. walao...
    next time just throw your shoes over them la~
    can buy new one mah~

  2. be sure to hit one of their mouths~ LOL~