Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm always 18!

Ok basically it was my birthday yesterday,
but i guess people nowadays are getting more and more efficient as
i started receiving all the wishes since Saturday!
From facebook, friendster to sms,
I tried my best to reply and I did :)
I manage to reply all of them!!
Once again, I would like to thank all of u for all the wishes,
Li Wen, who called me from Australia, was planning to call me at 12am but it ended up he called me earlier as the time in Aus was quite late already.
Greyphard's birthday card from Taiwan, she wrote every thing in a puzzle and wanted me to solve the puzzle myself!!
Pyin's msg from Sg, Jialih's email from the UK,
and lots and lots of wishes in facebook and in the form of text messages,
Sue Sing, Huibee, Khai Yang, Georgina Dawkins, Yi Yang, Yi Shiau, Hua Yen, Vidhya my dear hubby, Kellyn, Hikari, Daniel, Guan Tat, Mei Yi, Sean, Wun Iong, Kelvin, etc etc etc etc
Thank u guys. There are still a lot of ppl but sorry, did not manage to list down all of ur names.
I celebrated my birthday with my relatives on saturday in a Japanese Restaurant,
which well, i received quite an amount of angpau! hahaXD
Alright then on monday at around 8pm
when i was just about to spend my time on facebook,
tan ps called me.

PS: Ng Li Ji, get ready, we'll be at ur house to fetch u within 10 min.
LJ: What? Where to??
PS: Don't ask. Just get ready and follow.
LJ: o.. ok..

After 10 min, PS and her boy were in front of my house and I really was in a blur where I would be leaded to.
We ended up at Max's house, and Max fetched me and ps travelling around in Botanic garden,
showing us those houses with Ferrari or Porsche.
A call came and we ended up at a park in Botanic garden.
When the three of us walked to the playground, there's my gang.
They lit candle at the playground and hey, i really like the night we had!!
So another cake for me and I really had a peaceful and enjoyable night with all of u.
Special thanks to PS, XA, PY, Bob, Peter, Max, Yong jian, siau li.
We actually did a lot of talking until 11 something!!!
Of all those things u guys have done for me, thank u doesn't even come close.
I appreciate it.

Btw, after the celebration, we went McD at around 12am for supper and i was wondering,
why everyone likes to be the last one to wish me Happy birthday,
as u know, at around 12am, there are a lot of msges came in and said, ' Happy birthday, I'm the last to wish u!!'. A lot.
Ok so basically, it ended.
But i know deep down in my heart, i'm always 18!



  1. 虽然是迟到的~

  2. That's why I didn't bake a cake, it's needless~~ XD Well, happy birthday again~~~ ^^

  3. Nick:
    thanks. u owe me something.

    Hey, it's different u know?
    lolxx... so i still want ur cake!!